Mamie Heldman is a documentary photographer based in Brooklyn, New York and the American South. Born in Nashville, Tennessee, she graduated with a degree in Communications at the University of Tennessee, where she focused her research and writing on interpersonal relationships in connection with levels of self-disclosure. She then studied photography in Paris, France, where she explored ideas of self and observation. In 2016 she completed the one-year certificate program in Documentary Practice and Visual Journalism at the International Center of Photography. Her work includes themes of identity, intimacy and sense of place.


2017 - Basecamp Photojournalism Workshop: The Collective Quarterly, Darien, Georgia

2016 - Documentary Practice and Visual Journalism: International Center of Photography, New York

2016 - Student Representative for the Documentary Practice and Visual Journalism Program: International Center of Photography, New York

2015 - Bachelor of Arts in Communications: University of Tennessee, Knoxville

2014 - International Communications, Media, and Photography, Cultural Experiences Abroad, Paris, France


2017 - Belonging, Being, Becoming with the London Photo Diary, Carmel by the Green, London

2016 - "Together, Us" for Another Kind of Paradise, International Center of Photography, New York

2014 - Reflections Abroad, Production and Promotion, Paris, France

2013 - The Most Known Unknowns, Art Direction and Production, Knoxville, Tennessee


2017 - Moxi Mag, LUCY: sound design with smarts

2017 - Moxi Mag, Delta Vintage: Old Clothes, New Perspectives

2016 - Glamour Magazine

2016 - Aint-Bad Magazine

2016 - New York Edited: Identity, Cover, Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie, Berlin

2016 - PDNonline, Redefining Family: Mamie Heldman's "Together, Us"

2016 - Shift Vol 11 International Center of Photography, New York