I am a Documentary Photographer currently residing in New York City. My approach developed from observations specific to growing up in the American South. Gothic writers such as Flannery O'Connor have shaped my understanding of nostalgia's relationship to history and the metaphors that form as a result. I graduated from the University of Tennessee with a degree in Communications before studying Photography under Hally Pancer. While studying at the International Center of Photography in 2016, I began photographing young adults with their chosen familes as a way to evaluate the search for independence and the
ache for acceptance and belonging. I wanted to explore how these narratives could be told through the use of portraiture. Currently, my work revolves around ideas on coming of age, identity and femininity. 


2017 - Basecamp Photojournalism Workshop: The Collective Quarterly, Darien, Georgia

2016 - Documentary Practice and Visual Journalism: International Center of Photography, New York

2016 - Student Representative for the Documentary Practice and Visual Journalism Program: International Center of Photography, New York

2015 - Bachelor of Arts in Communications: University of Tennessee, Knoxville

2014 - International Communications, Media, and Photography, Cultural Experiences Abroad, Paris, France


2017 - Belonging, Being, Becoming with the London Photo Diary, Carmel by the Green, London

2016 - "Together, Us" for Another Kind of Paradise, International Center of Photography, New York

2014 - Reflections Abroad, Production and Promotion, Paris, France

2013 - The Most Known Unknowns, Art Direction and Production, Knoxville, Tennessee


2017 - Moxi Mag, LUCY: sound design with smarts

2017 - Moxi Mag, Delta Vintage: Old Clothes, New Perspectives

2016 - Glamour Magazine

2016 - Aint-Bad Magazine

2016 - New York Edited: Identity, Cover, Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie, Berlin

2016 - PDNonline, Redefining Family: Mamie Heldman's "Together, Us"

2016 - Shift Vol 11 International Center of Photography, New York